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Samsung Wi-Fi issues on Samsung Galaxy S4

Wi-Fi issues on Samsung Galaxy S4

May 5, 2013 In Samsung Galaxy S IV by Tudor Graur

Not long after the Galaxy S4 was made available, the first serious issues started to appear.As it usually happens with flagship devices, people are not happy to see that a $700 device has issues, so they start complaining about them.

Most of the issues are just encountered by some users but other such as lag issues or WiFi issues seem to be really common among Galaxy S4 users.

WiFi Issues on the Galaxy S4

WiFi disconnects on Galaxy S4. First of all, many S4 users have been experiencing WiFi disconnections. The connection works but after a while it disconnects automatically.

WiFi doesn’t work on Galaxy S4. Other users can’t make the WiFi work at all because it says ‘failed to obtain ip’ or some other errors.

You wouldn’t expect that on a $700 device you should have to restart the Wireless connection every 10-30 minutes or so. It gets really annoying if you think about it.

Common fixes for WiFi problems on the Galaxy S4

Here are some common fixes that have worked for some users:

  • Sometimes it is the router that has the problem, not the device, So in order to see where the problem comes from, you should test the connection with other devices and see if they work. If they don’t work, then it’s the router that you will need to change. If the router is working with other devices, then you should still try to use another router to see if it fixes the issue. Preferably use a router that is not made by the same manufacturer as the previous one.
  • Disable WiFi Power Saver Mode. You can dial *#0011# and then enter the menu and look for this option. Disable the mode and see if the problem was fixed.
  • Change the security settings from WPA2 to WEP. However, this is not a recommended solution as WEP doesn’t provide you with enough security for your connection, so if there is someone who knows what he’s doing he can easily use your internet connection. Additionally you could try WPA only or WPA2 TKIP and see if this works.

Other than this, there are no easy solutions for this issues yet. Probably Samsung will release an update that fixes this problems, or you could take the phone to a service center to get it checked.

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One Response to “Wi-Fi issues on Samsung Galaxy S4”

  1. johnny_blz says:

    Router has the problem? So it didn’t had any problems before but now that you bring the s4 in your house it suddenly starts to have problems?! What have you been smoking? Ridiculous! Change security to wep? get yourself together man even the devs at samsung are laughing at your tries for an excuse. Yes samsung should fix THEIR problem which is now our problem too.

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