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latest firmware samsung galaxy y

latest firmware samsung galaxy ySamsung Galaxy Y, even though released more than 2 years ago is still a popular device in many areas of the world. This means there are a lot of people eager to learn what are the latest updates for the Galaxy Y S5360 model. The truth is Samsung still releases stability updates for Galaxy Y, with the latest firmware dating from November 2013 (at the time of writing this article). With no more introduction, lets go ahead with the instruction on how you can update your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

How to update Galaxy Y S5360 to the latest firmware

Samsung Kies

The official method to update Samsung devices is using their proprietary software Kies. You can go ahead and download Samsung Kies†and then run it. Use it to search for new updates and install them. You can find an in-depth tutorial about using Kies here.

Manually, using Odin

You can manually install a firmware on your device using the software called Odin. Usually you would want to do this to go back to the stock firmware, unroot or repair your device. This is only for experienced users. Here is a tutorial on how to use Odin to install official firmwares.

The latest firmwares for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

First of all, check your current firmware. Go to Settings>About phone and check out your ‘Android version’ and ‘Build number’. You should see something that looks like this “S5360XXMI1“. (The first two letters ‘XX’ are the region code, so the last 3 ‘MI1′ are the most important, which represent the current version of your firmware).

Below is a list with all countries and the current firmware released for that specific country. If you can see a match with your current build number it means you have the latest firmware installed. If you don’t see a match, the use Samsung Kies as mentioned above to search for the latest update and install it.

If your country isn’t on the list leave us a comment below

Latest Updates for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360(New updates are marked in Orange):

Country Date Version Build Number
Afghanistan 2013 October 2.3.6 S5360JPMI1
Algeria 2013 October 2.3.6 S5360JPMI1
Bulgaria (MTL) 2013 October 2.3.6 S5360XXMI1
Germany 2014 January 2.3.6 S5360XXMK1
Greece (Cosmote) 2014 February 2.3.6 S5360XXLK3
Greece (Vodafone) 2014 January 2.3.6 S5360XXMI1
Iraq 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360JPMI1
Ireland 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360XXMI1
Ireland (Meteor) 2014 January 2.3.6 S5360XXMK1
Italy 2014 January 2.3.6 S5360XXMK1
Jamaica 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360WBMC2
Kazakhstan 2013 December 2.3.6 S5360XXMJ1
Kazakhstan (Kcell) 2014 January 2.3.6 S5360XXMK1
Macedonia 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360XXMI1
Malaysia 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1
Morocco (MAT) 2013 October 2.3.6 S5360JPMI1
Morocco (MWD) 2013 October 2.3.6 S5360JPMI1
Netherlands 2014 January 2.3.6 S5360XXMK1
Philippines (Globe) 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1
Philippines (Open Line) 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1
Philippines (Smart) 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1
Philippines (Sun Cellular) 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1
Poland (T-mobile) 2013 October 2.3.6 S5360BOMG2
Portugal (Optimus) 2013 December 2.3.6 S5360XXMC2
Russia 2013 December 2.3.6 S5360XXMJ1
Saudi Arabia 2013 October 2.3.6 S5360JPMI1
Singapore 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1
Singapore (SingTel) 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1
Singapore (StarHub) 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1
Slovakia 2013 December 2.3.6 S5360XXMI1
South Africa 2013 October 2.3.6 S5360XXMI1
Switzerland 2013 December 2.3.6 S5360XXMI1
Thailand 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1
Ukraine 2014 January 2.3.6 S5360XXMJ1
Ukraine (Kyivstar) 2013 December 2.3.6 S5360XXMJ1
Vietnam 2013 November 2.3.6 S5360DXMJ1

Leave us any comment related to the latest updates released for your Samsung Galaxy Y or any other related issue and we’ll gladly respond to help you.

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