Android 4.3 update for Galaxy Note II release date | Samsung Update

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Samsung-Galaxy-Note-2-multi-windowAfter rumors suggesting that Galaxy S3 will get Android 4.3 in October, we are looking at another flagship that can get the update: Galaxy Note II.

We already know that Samsung is most certainly going to reveal Android 4.4 KitKat in October. The latest version of Android will probably be supported by the Note 2 next year. Until then, we are still waiting for an update that takes us away from the already oldish Android 4.1.2.

Android 4.2 gets out of discussion, 4,3 most likely

Some reports and declarations from certain officials indicate that the 4.2 update is not very different from 4.3, therefore the company has decided to skip this one and go directly to Android 4.3. This one is still called Jelly Bean, but it does introduce some interesting features that Galaxy S4 and Note 3 already have.

First is the launch of Galaxy Note 3, then the update for Note 2

However not updating the Note 2 is definitely a strategy from Samsung to persuade users to upgrade to the new Galaxy Note 3. We will probably not see any updates for the old phablet until Note 3 is released for the public and hits a comfortable sales mark.

This is how Samsung always tried to convince people into upgrading to the newest model. It’s not like its so hard to make the Android 4.3 firmware work on the Note 2, but this is how Samsung is making their fortune.

Late October could come with Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note 2

With hints of Android 4.3 being released for Galaxy S3 in October, most Android publications are indicating towards a Note 2 update as well. And it also makes sense to update both devices to JB 4.3, knowing that it has been so long since an update was released.

The sad thing is, by the time Samsung decides to update Galaxy Note 2 to Jelly Bean 4.3, Android KitKat will already be out and installing on several newer devices, starting with the Nexus line and Google Play Editions. So there will always be a constant frustration that the flagship that so many millions paid a lot of money for, is always behind with the firmware update.

This kind of actions from Samsung and Google lead users towards choosing a Custom ROM. There will definitely be an Android 4.4 CyanogenMod version released for Galaxy Note 2, in which case users won’t have to wait for the official update and can benefit from the latest features.

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