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Root  Galaxy Note 3

Root for Samsung Galaxy Note 3Root for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

You will find here all the resources you need to for a successful root of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We will keep the post updated with any modifications that appear, such as firmware version, Super Su version and so on. Meanwhile, read on to see how you can root the newly released Galaxy Note 3.

First of all you need to understand that there are more than one Galaxy Note 3 versions:

  1. First is the SM-N900 – this is the International Galaxy Note 3 without LTE, running on the Exynos processor.
  2. Second is the SM-N9005 – this is the International Galaxy Note 3 with LTE, running on the Qualcomm procesoor
  3. The SM-N900T – this is the T-Mobile branded version
  4. The SM-N9006 – this is the Chinese version
  5. The SM-N900S – this is the SK Telecom version

To find out what device you have (If you don’t already know if you have LTE or not), go to Settings>About phone and you should find the model number right there.

It is important that you know your version number because the rooting procedure differs for each model.

Galaxy Note 3 rooting methods

Method #1

Root for Galaxy Note 3 Method #1: Install Pre-Rooted firmware using ODIN

Root for Galaxy Note 3 Method #1: Install Pre-Rooted firmware using ODIN

One of the ways to root your Galaxy Note 3 is to install a Pre-rooted firmware using ODIN. A pre-rooted firmware is basically the same as the original stock Android version except it was previously rooted by a developer and then saved as a flashable image. You can install this using ODIN, just as you would install a stock ROM.

XDA user DjeMBeY has provided us a pre-rooted firmware for the N-9005 version Galaxy Note 3. However he attentions us that installing this will increase the KNOX warranty void to 0x1, which means that your warranty will no longer be valid after this. You also have to flash the CSC of your region together with this, because installing a firmware from another region will fail in Odin.

You can find all the download files you need and the instructions at the original Xda thread here.

Method #2

Root for Galaxy Note 3 Method #2: Install Pre-Rooted firmware using Custom Recovery

Root for Galaxy Note 3 Method #2: Install Pre-Rooted firmware using Custom Recovery

Another method is to install a Pre-rooted firmware using a Custom Recovery. This means you won’t need to flash it using ODIN, and you will also not have to worry about the CSC code as in the previous method. Installing a ROM using a Custom Recovery will require a flashable .zip file made by a developer.

The same user on XDA, DjeMBeY, is giving us the .zip file containing the pre-rooted firmware for the N-9005 version. By installing this you will have a rooted Galaxy Note 3, but it will also be KNOX free (because KNOX has been proved to be a pain in the … for users that like to root their devices).

There is also a modified stock ROM, also pre-rooted, that is also de-odexed, De-bloated (meaning all unnecessary apps that eat up memory were deleted), zipaligned, KNOX free, Super Slim (only 1.2 GB). This one can also be installed using a Custom Recovery.

Visit the same XDA thread using the link provided at the first method for the latest download files and instructions.

If you want to install CWM Custom Recovery on your Galaxy Note 3, go to this XDA thread to download and install CWM

Method #3

Root for Galaxy Note 3 Method #3: Install SuperSU from recovery

Root for Galaxy Note 3 Method #3: Install SuperSU from recovery

Download and Install Super SU using a custom recovery. This method supports more Galaxy Note 3 versions than the ones above.

Go to the XDA link provided just above to install CWM Recovery for your Galaxy Note 3 model.

After you have installed a Custom Recovery, go and download SuperSU from here, and then copy the downloaded file on your Note 3’s sd card. After that just flash SuperSU using the custom recovery. (Boot in Recovery Mode, choose install zip from sd card and select the SuperSU file you have downloaded).

If you are not that familiarized with rooting using SuperSu, here is the XDA thread for Galaxy Note 3 where you can learn more about this method.

Thank you for reading our complete guide and methods about acquiring Root for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We will try to keep this post updated as soon as modifications and new versions appear. Feel free to use the comment section below if you encounter any issue or if you would like to add something to this post.

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