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Samsung Update

Galaxy Note II Common Issues.

It’s almost two months away from the Holidays and Samsung is rapidly delivering the new, the innovative, the “next big thing”, in almost all countries. Recently US carriers started offering Galaxy Note 2 for sale and pre-orders. The prices are variable, but an average price for a new 2 year contract with a major US carrier is around 300$.

I’m sure there’s no one that wouldn’t want to try out the Note 2 just for a day at least. The demand for this device should be really high and in short time we should see how sales increase considerably. This means a lot of people will use the Galaxy Note 2. But you know, when a device is manufactured at such a large scale, it is almost impossible to prevent it from having problems and issues with the software, hardware or whatever.

Issues discussed in this article:

  1. Battery Issues
  2. Wallpaper Issues
  3. Charging sound
  4. No Multi-Window
  5. Screen responsiveness
  6. S-Pen Sensitivity
  7. Lock-screen turn on time

If you already purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you might want to check out this tutorial that shows you how to use all the new features that the device comes with, such as the S Pen, S Note, Multi Window feature and many more.

Meanwhile, I’m going to present you with a list of the most common problems that users have encountered in the Galaxy Note 2 until now. These issues don’t necessarily have to be general issues, but if they encountered to some users, there’s a chance they may appear in more devices.

Issue No. 1

Galaxy Note 2 Battery takes too long to charge.

When you charge your Note 2 with the 2A original charger, it should usually take between 2h-3h to charge completely from 5% to 100%. If your phone takes more than this to charge, then there’s probably a problem somewhere. Again, make sure you are using the original 2A charger. When the Galaxy Note 2 charges in 5,6,7 hours or more, than there’s a problem with the battery probably. It can also be a software problem.

The common resolution for this issue is to visit the service center and show them because you may need a battery replacement.

You can also try different 2A chargers to see if the problem is still the same, because the problem may be in the charger.

Issue No. 2

Galaxy Note 2 wallpaper size degrades, stretches, doesn’t fit properly.

Some users have reported that when they try to apply a new wallpaper to the Note 2 homescreen, it stretches or it changes height and it doesn’t fit properly. When you look at the image in gallery it shows correctly.

This may be a common issue, because it seems it also happened to the Galaxy S2 users.

The only resolutions we were able to identify at this point is to install a wallpaper application form Play Store such as MultiPicture Live Wallpaper or Image 2 Wallpaper. Also, there might be a problem with the resolution of the picture you want to use as wallpaper. It seems that the proper resolution for a wallpaper pic is 1440×1280. If this doesn’t work, try 1600×1280 or 1920×1280.

Issue No. 3

Galaxy Note 2 charging sound, noise

The Galaxy Note 2 is such a powerful device, that it has a really big transformer, a 60Hz one. At night when it is really quiet in the room, you will probably hear a hissing noise made by the charger. That’s normal, it’s just the way it is. The fact that you hear that, only proves that you still have a good hearing :)

Issue No. 4

Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t have Multi Window

This is a problem that occurs to some models that were released with a downgraded firmware. This problem was fixed by Samsung by releasing an official OTA update that fixes this. See here how to update your Galaxy Note 2 so that you have Multi Window.

Issue No. 5

Galaxy Note 2 left side screen not responsive

This is a problem encountered several times by users. The left side of the screen most often, but it can also happen to other sides is not responsive to touch.

The only fix we found for this problem was to get the phone to the service center. It appears to be a firmware issue.

Issue No. 6

Galaxy Note 2 S pen is oversensitive

If your S Pen leaves marks when you take it off the screen or if it acts without it touching the screen, leaves lines and so on then you should go and get an S pen replacement from service center. The problem is usually with the S Pen.

You can see how to fix S-Pen sensitivity here.

Issue No. 7

Galaxy Note 2 Screen turns on too slow, has lag

This issue has been reported several times by Galaxy Note 2 users. It seems that it just takes too long for the screen to turn on when you start it. It takes 2 or 3 seconds sometimes to turn the screen on. For a phone this good, it seems that it may be a software problem, so we are still waiting to see if Samsung issues an update that could fix this problem with the Galaxy Note 2 turning on time.

Well, this is all for now regarding Galaxy Note 2 problems. Even so, I strongly recommend trying this phone. It’s simply a true beast, the mother of all phones. It’s so complex and fast and you can do just so much on it, there’s no issue in the world that should stop you from getting yourself a new Note 2.

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