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pet rescue saga for android

pet rescue saga for android finally uploaded Per Rescue Saga on the Android platform. The concept of Pet Rescue Saga is familiar with other games from the same developer. It is an arcade game with a twist, which are the ‘pets’ that you have to rescue while advancing on the map and going through harder and harder levels. You are given boosters that will help you with the harder levels. Meanwhile to give a some help with the game we computed a list with some common cheats, tips & tricks and walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga. You can use this guide to complete the levels from the first try, knowing that you only have a limited number of lives.

Here are some common cheats, tips& tricks and walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga.

pet rescue saga for android

Common Tips for Pet Rescue Saga for Android:

1. When playing a level that requires to make a certain amount of points, focus on freeing the blocks at the bottom. Be careful not to lose bricks that are at the top when there is no move available because you lose them from the points counter.

2. When playing a level that requires you to save pets, make sure you always focus on bricks from the middle. Don’t drag your pets at the sides of the screen as they may get stuck on the wooden steps and you will not be able to save them. So don’t free blocks from the sides if you see your pets will get stuck there.

3. When playing levels with limited number of moves, try to pop as many blocks as you can at the same time. Take advantage of balloons that will help you remain with only 2 or 3 colors on the screen that can be popped all at the same time.

4. When you are out of lives, you can use Facebook friends to gain more, instead of buying them with real money.

How to get coins in Pet Rescue Saga for Android Guide:

During the game you will see that you are given certain boosters that can help you when you are stuck. Those boosters can be bought with coins. Also lives are also acquired with coins. The games gives you the option to buy coins with real money, but that’s not really the best idea. However you should use Facebook in your advantage. The game gives you the advantage to gain coins and lives from friends that play the game. If you don’t have friends that use the game just search the internet for sites that gather communities of players just for this purpose.

How to pass level 27 in Pet Rescue Saga for Android Walkthourgh:

Level 27 appeared to be one of the most difficult levels. If you have played it and didn’t manage to pass it here are some good tips and tricks you can take advantage of. The catch at this level is that you don’t have many moves available. TIP: The next pet will only fall when a previous one is saved. Therefore what you should do is to try and save the pet on the pet on the screen as fast as you can. Focus on the given pet and you will definitely finish the level with no problems. Also, take advantage of the balloons, they can save you a lot of moves.

How to unlock level 28 in Pet Rescue Saga for Android guide:

To go to Level 28 you will have to pass over the bridge. To do this you have to connect with Facebook and ask 3 friends to help you. You cannot do this in another way. Again, if you don’t have friends that play the game, just look online for communities that gather players in this purpose.

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