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About Samsung Update

What is Samsung Update?

Samsung Update is a Samsung and Android community with the sole purpose of providing the latest updates news and tutorials for the world wide public. Samsung Update combines the public’s demand with the latest news and generates quality articles that serve the audience.

We here at Samsung Update want to offer the best experience to the users incorporating anything from Android Updates, Android Apps, Android Custom ROMs and Android How To’s while keeping you on touch with the latest news in the Android world.

History of Samsung Update

At first we started as a small community sharing with the users only a small number of Samsung phones specifications and updates, adding some value to the Android world. Then as Samsung and Android started to rise as market leaders, we felt the need to keep the users in touch with more than this. This is how we started to incorporate Android Tutorials for the newer Samsung users and for the experienced ones that know about rooting and customization of Android. Shortly we started sharing the work of developers that create the best Custom ROMs for the Android users to have the greatest experience possible on their phone.

Step by step Samsung Update became a real name in the world of Android helping people all around the world meet their needs and live the best possible Android experience on their Samsung device.

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