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The New Stuff

s6 vs edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S6 Edge Review

Both handset, the Galaxy S6 Edge and the regular Galaxy S6 are now available across United Kingdom from the mobile networks to retailers .The Edge is far more classy than the regular Galaxy S6. Below are some differences between the Galaxy S6 Edge ...

Samsung Update

Best File Managers for Android

The awesome charm for Android handsets it’s the ability to open up everything. You can explore the storage of your handset by using file managers for Android. However, in case you are looking for a reliable file manager for your Android handset, ...

office apps

Top 4 Free Android Office Apps 2015

We are living in a world which moves faster than we can keep up. However, smartphones are here to conquer that and keep us connected on the road. This article contains 4 Android office applications that help keep your work up-to-date even if you ...

Factory reset

How to Factory Reset your Android Device

Many Android users wonder what life would be if there is a reset option. Below is a guide which will enable come close to that though it isn’t about life. The guide below is about how to factory reset your smartphone to make it just like the time ...

Dj applications

Best DJ Apps for Android Devices

Being an awesome disc jockey isn’t a simple thing. You need to have a perfect ear for music to mix something special. With the top DJ applications in your Android handset, you can be able to mix music without having to spend a lot of cash on ...

s6 cases

Best Deals on Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases for May 2015

Samsung has launched some of the best discounts on the Galaxy S6 phones cases for May. Those wishing to replace an old case, this list will appeal to both your budget and taste. Look at the list carefully too see the deeply discounted deals on the ...

Recording screens

7 Best Android Apps for Screen Recording

One of frequent the request from Android fans is to tell them how to record the screen on their smartphones. The functionality has been there for some time; however it requires some adjustment and tinkering to get it. In the Android Lollipop, there ...



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