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Android Learning apps

Best Android Learning Apps

Using your Android device to learn is a growing and fantastic trend thanks to the learning platforms services Android has offered. For now learning on a smartphone is not as efficient as learning on a computer but there are really adds up over time ...


Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: the IPhone Killer

The S6 is the latest flagship smartphone from Sammy. The Galaxy S6 comes it two varieties: One with a flat edges and the other one has curved edges to the screen, the S4 Edge. The Galaxy S6 takes a fantastic design and ditches all plastic, relying ...


Best Must Have Android Tablet Apps

An Android tablet has multiple options.  You can use your tablet as an eReader, play games on a larger display and you can also offload some applications that may be getting on your way. Before you consider making the tablet yours, check on this ...


10 Biggest Android Problems Solved

Got issues with your Android device?  Android offers stability, great reliability and an advanced protection from malware. However, you may keep on running into issues. Fortunately, the Android users can resolve almost 99% of failures with a few ...


Samsung Galaxy S6 Demand Steeper than Expected

Sammy seems to having a big trouble trying to cope up with the huge demand for its Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship. On Wednesday, Samsung said that meeting the demand for the Galaxy S6 flagship is higher than what it had planned for. The Galaxy S6 Edge ...



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