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Best Android Apps for the Week

The Play Store has had quite some additions of late.  These add to the inventory of great apps that make Android an awesome plugin. Most Android apps are free but you shouldn’t be hesitant to dish out a few bucks in case there’s a premium ...

Samsung Gear Smartwatch

The Samsung Gear Smartwatch, Why you Might Want One

Many companies have ventured into the world of smart watches, and Samsung has not been left behind. Indeed, the South Korean company has been at the forefront when it comes to innovation. Released a year ago, the Gear Smart watch device has amazing ...


Samsung Considering Management Shake-Up

Just a few days after wrote on extensive changes in Samsung’s product strategy, reports indicate that the company is considering a major management shake-up. Samsung has been fighting hard to keep its global market share, facing ...

Android Lollipop

5 New and Cool Android 5.0 Lollipop Features

Android Lollipop 5.0 is a new update which Android users will have access to and that will change their experiences in a great way. The update is so exciting and no one would want to be left behind. Once installed to devices, Lollipop allows users ...

Dating Apps

3 Most Wanted Free Dating Apps for Android Users

While many of the “Not-too-Young” class of people blame smart phones and apps on creating alienation in today’s society, these gadgets and apps also play their role in bringing people together. Today, we have hundreds of dating apps making it ...

Android Vs iOS

Areas Where Android Can Learn From iPhone

Android and iOS have been dominating the market in the recent years where they have tried to compete well with each other. These two platforms have been utilized primarily as the mobile technologies improvised in devices such tablets and ...