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The New Stuff


Securing Your Android Device With Bomgar

For Samsung and Android users, Bomgar is a smart remote support solution where users can access support technicians from any remote location. Once accessed, users are able to connect to end-user systems via their mobile or computer device. There are ...


Samsung Accepting Pre-Orders for 105 Inch 4K TV

If you just have to have the biggest, baddest, most-Ultra of the Ultra High Def TVs, you have a very large TV room, and similar budget, then this is the TV for you. First announced at CES in January, Samsung’s UN105S9W features a curved ...

Galaxy Round

New Rumor Wednesday: Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6

We’ve covered rumors of the Galaxy Note 4 previously, but new “information” keeps seeping out. We’re not sure how much stock to put into these rumors, but as release dates get closer more “information” continues ...

Inside Galaxy

Enabling Samsung Galaxy S4’s Facial Detection

Learning how to enable the facial detection features for the Samsung Galaxy S4 allows users to discover further access and use of facial recognition technologies. Samsung Galaxy S4 has a front-facing camera which can be used. The many features that ...


Amazon Begins Kindle eBook Rental Program

Amazon today announced KindleUnlimited, an eBook rental service that allows you to read an unlimited number of books for a flat fee of $9.99 per month. Subscribers can download books from a selection of 600,000 titles. You can keep them ...