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Samsung Charger

Would You Pay $40 for a USB Charging Cable?

And a charger? Sounds crazy, but this one just might be worth it. While pretty expensive, it’s unique. The cable has three micro-USB connectors to allow you to charge up to three devices at once. The charger has a 2 amp capacity, and with one ...


Samsung’s “Midnight Rainbow” Over London

To publicize its Galaxy Tab S tablet line in the U.K., Samsung decided it needed to make a real splash. So Samsung decided to build a rainbow. At night. Out of 150 Galaxy Tab S tablets. The rainbow, which is 14 feet high and 26 feet wide, shows off ...

foldable phone 3

New Samsung Patent for Folding Phone

The web site Patently Mobile, which regularly watches for new patents related to mobile technology, has discovered a new patent application from Samsung which reinforces that the company is serious about this technology. The US Patent and Trademark ...

Aquos 1

Unique New Phones from Sharp

Sharp today announced two new phones for the Japanese market, at least one of which is expected to be available on Sprint in the U.S. Sharp’s Aquos Crystal handsets take the trend towards thin bezels to what may be its ultimate conclusion. ...