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Best Android Gaming

5 Best Android Gaming Tablets

Not all tablets will give the best performance when it comes to gaming. There are different brands and each of them will perform in its own way according to the make and the graphics in place. When looking for an Android tablet, it is always good to ...

Android M cars

Google Inc. Planning to Get Your Car Online

Google has been, in many ways, one of the most vibrant, innovative and dynamic tech companies of our time. And in the opinion of many experts, the search giant is the technology company of the future, and it’s easy to see why. Of late, Google has ...

Android Wear Watch

4 Of The Best Android Wear Watches

You may be thinking of picking a new android wear to have it for the New Year.  Each of the watches have unique features which makes them different from the rest with every one of them having some weaknesses and strengths. Apple’s watches have ...

ChatOn Service

Samsung to Shut Down ChatOn Service

After previously denying leaked reports that the ChatOn service was planned for disbandment, South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced in Korean media plans to says ‘cya’ to ChatOn. According to information reported by news outlet Yonhap ...

Samsung Smartphone Releases

Samsung Galaxy E5 And E7 Leaks

With competition being high in the mobile market, most companies have been working hard to see that they still remain on top in the mobile industry. Samsung has maintained the lead thus far. This year, Samsung came up with brands that are affordable ...

Android Holiday Shopping

5 Android Holiday Shopping Apps

During the holiday season, people are busy with their shopping where one may need to buy something but lack the best means to getting it. Retailers on the other hand make every effort in decorating their shops and they are ready to attract the ...

Hearthstone Game

Popular Hearthstone Game Comes to Android Tabs

Android fans, more so gaming buffs, have something else to be happy about. Blizzards addictive digital card game, popularly known as Hearthstone, is available for play on Android tabs. A lot of the people whove been playing this game have seen it ...

A9 Processors

Reports: Samsung Manufacturing Apple Chips

Reports are out that Sammy is manufacturing the new generation of faster, smaller Apple processors at the companys Texan facility. Well, if this is proved factual;, it might be the foundation of lost-love-found between the global smartphones ...

Samsung Device

Samsung Still Leads in Smartphones

South Korean tech giant Sammy is still on the lead in the global smartphones market, despite witnessing plummeting market trends and declining profitability. Upon a surface look at the data, it is evident that Samsung still has taken the world by ...